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Reconnect * Renew * Rejoice

At times we may find ourselves running around in circles, in a hurry, following a routine we have acquired and sustain as a way of life. Yet, even though we are busy, we can feel we are not using our energy and time on a meaningful way to contribute to our own lives, or to the world that continues to be suffocated by our insatiable greed to have things. 
Something inside and outside of us calls our attention, it bothers us to pay attention. Our world and our own self feel unhealthy, uncomfortable, angry, depressed, unstable, the calling urges us to find a way to be better, healthier, more content, more creative. What can we do to find balance?
"We must come to understand that life-forms do not constitute a pyramid with our species at the apex, but rather a circle where everything is connected to everything else" --John Seed on Thinking like a Mountain

Our perception that we are different from Nature has made us orphans from the world around us, and there is despair in tha…