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La Duna

Who are we

Eco-Retreat center with the vision of a sustainable life in the Southern Baja California peninsula, La Paz, Mexico

It is a place to visualize positive ideas outside the routine of every day life. Our supported activities in water and land invite you to experience nature at its best.

Selected locations at or near our Center enrich the visitor’s  opportunities to find peace, harmony and joy.

La Duna is located in one of the Golf of California's most beautiful coastal landscapes, just 40 minutes North of the city of La Paz, on the coastline bordering the Bay.
We are close to the city but secluded enough to enjoy a star laced night sky, the undisturbed view of whale dwelling islands, and multicolored ancient mountains.

Enjoy our tranquil and comfortable accommodations healthy cuisine, and integral activities inspired by the beauty of Nature.

Our Center was designed to showcase the local ecology and culture.

We want to provide and environment of peace a…