Tuesday, November 8, 2016

5 Ways To Deepen Your Connection To Nature

                                                  Photo Credit: www.dreamstime.com

This week at La Duna we wrapped up our five day Inner Connection Journey into Nature retreat. It was a beautiful gathering of individuals both teachers and students, coming together to embrace the earth, renew their souls, and express themselves through art, sensory awareness, Qigong, and nature.

This event inspired me to come up with this simple list of 5 ways one can deepen their connection to nature.

1. Wake up early to watch the sunrise.
La Duna is a perfect setting for this wonderful experience. Each day wake up before dawn and walk over the magnificent dunes to watch the glorious sunrise over the mountains and water. Sit there in silence and with gratitude for a rich experience. Thank the sun for giving us a new day and for shining so brightly upon us. Listen to the waves lap against the shore and watch the frigatebirds soar high above like dancers in the sky. 

                                                                Photo Credit: Elizabeth Rasoul
                                                               Photo Credit: Elizabeth Rasoul

When was the last time you watched the sun rise?

2. Take a walk or hike in nature.
At La Duna you are surrounded by nature. Everywhere you look there is a little path that can be taken to explore this truly unique place where the sea, mountains, and desert meet. Take a stroll where ever you are and notice your surroundings. Stop at different trees and flowers and just notice things like colors and textures. Then take a moment to notice how that makes you feel.

                                                               Photo Credit: Elizabeth Rasoul

3. Make contact with the earth.
It's easy these days to find ourselves feeling off balance and a little less grounded with how busy our everyday lives can be. Take some time to reconnect to the earth by taking off your shoes and socks and stepping into the earth with your bare feet. Feel the grass, dirt, or sand under your feet. Let it get stuck between your toes and feel it with your hands. If you feel adventurous try what we did at La Duna at our retreat and get buried into the sand at the beach! Take long, slow, deep breaths and feel yourself getting grounded from the earth's energy.

                                                               Photo Credit: Elizabeth Rasoul

4. Eat fresh Vegetables.
Eating foods that are fresh and from the earth and naturally grown and raised is the best way to stay healthy and is so good for your well-being. Eating a rainbow of colors of fruits and vegetables will give you all the nutrients you need. At La Duna we source all our foods locally with sustainable farmers. You will see us at the local farmers market gathering all the best ingredients for our meals. Find out where your local farmers market is and talk to a local farmer about how you can eat better quality foods.

                                                                Photo Credit: Elizabeth Rasoul

                                                               Photo Credit: Elizabeth Rasoul

5. Stargazing before bedtime. 
Being in a big city it's hard to really appreciate what the night sky has to offer. Most of the city lights drown out the majestic sky above. La Duna is in a remote enough destination that at night you can see how much more there really is in our universe. Find a way to escape the city lights and connect to the lunar energy of the night sky at least once a month. You will find yourself quickly in a trance peacefully hypnotized by it's beauty.

We would love to hear from you and how you find ways to connect with nature. If you like this post please share it with your friends and leave a comment below. 

We would love for you to come join us at La Duna so that you can experience these ways of connecting to nature. Check out our facebook page or website for upcoming events. Contact us at admin@ecobaja.com. If you are a retreat leader and would like to rent our space to share this experience with more people.