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The Beauty of Life

As morning breaks and the constant shuffle of the waves comes softly as the light, I can smell the water, the morning dew.

The beauty of the rebirth of the desert builds hope in me. After  years of too little water everything around La Duna seemed to barely survive, everything was contained with the least amount of movement, with the least amount of need. A long meditation.

And then suddenly after building up heat and the stillness heavy, the first drops came, followed by an outcry of release, down pouring wetness soaking the dry earth. It injected a sparkle into the dormant bodies, it made them all dance, and jump, and run, and sing under the rain.

It did not take long for the colors to appear, fresh tender leaves started to grow on every plant, on every inch of dirt, and as quick as in a couple of days you could see some flowers to start forming, and live just roar! Fresh food brought all animals to a frenzy, all out there to feed on sweet grass, and on each other. Even us attacked…