Mission and Vision

 Reconnect  •  Renew  •  Rejoice

La Duna Ecological Vision:

We believe in:
  •  All human beings are part of Earth, and the Earth is part of us. 
  • A deep connection to Nature is necessary for our individual and community's physical, mental, and spiritual health. 
  • Protecting Nature and consciously network with other Earth stewards to conserve
  • The interaction of small like minded groups strengthens and weaves a nest of support for sustainable life models accessible to more people.

Our mission is to be a peaceful gathering place in Nature where people offer and receive educational experiences that are fun, inspiring, profound, and transformational.
"As people feel connected to Nature and to each other through direct experience, a sense of belonging and care develops naturally from this unity."

La Duna is immersed in an old and wise majestic cacti forest. Multicolored sacred mountains at her back open to an open blue horizon of sky and sea.

We collaborate with local families, non profit organizations, as well as small local businesses to provide a unique recreation and educational destination in
 La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. 

How to Give Back

When you book an educational activity or tour for your group, you are directly supporting  non profit organizations and individuals working locally as Earth stewards. Learn more about each one of them:  List of Activities and Tours

ProFaunaBaja is a society for scientists, students, and naturalists who share a specific goal to conserve biodiversity and vulnerable ecosystems in  Baja California Sur, Mexico.   http://www.profaunabaja.org

CASA  (Centro de Asesoría para la Sustentabilidad Ambiental) a non profit supporting the Mexican society through environmental education to conserve and use our natural and cultural resources responsibly

Tiburón Ballena México is  an organization with a vision to promote and contribute to ocean conservation and sustainability by the integration of scientific research, sustainable management, environmental education and inter-institutional collaboration.  http://www.whalesharkmexico.com

RED Travel Mexico is a hybrid social enterprise that combines a for-profit tour operator that offers world class Conservation Adventures, with a non-profit organization that provides training, small business incubation and technical assistance in rural communities throughout northwest Mexico. http://redtravelmexico.com

A percentage of your lodging fees supports a general fund to offer free programs to community members unable to afford the ongoing classes and retreats at La Duna.


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Our Mission and Vision

Reconnect * Renew * Rejoice