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Lovely Spring 2013

It seems just so close in our past when the nights were long and the North winds blew cold at night, chilly Winter for us down this beautiful Baja California peninsula. But now the days grow longer and day temperatures grow progressively warmer, yet nights are still cool and incredibly beautiful, a tapestry of stars.

 Stargazing continues to be one of our favorite activities with our friend Mariana Ledesma, her story telling and guided tour of our starry night is a wonderful experience to share. Miguel Marquez Tavella continues to make the best artisan goat cheese from our small heard, and together with Pan de Les a wonderful European bread maker they make our guests relish on their well combined flavors.

Did I say goats! Yes we have new babies in our corral, soft coats and crazy jumping personalities, they are a pleasure to watch and feel.

As every Spring, we hosted a fun and delightful yoga retreat  with our fan and supporter Karen Lindenberg from Phyzz Yoga Studio in Seattle Washi…