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Our Mission and Vision

Reconnect  •  Renew  •  Rejoice

La Duna Ecological Vision:

Human beings are part of Earth, and the Earth is part of us. Closeness to Nature is what’s best for our physical, mental, and spiritual health. Protecting Nature while consciously networking with other Earth stewards can lead to the creation of small businesses that fuel and strengthen an economic alternative for sustainable life models.

Our mission is to be a peaceful gathering place in Nature where people offer and receive educational experiences that are fun, inspiring, profound, sharable and unforgettable! As people feel connected to a place and among each other through direct experience, a sense of belonging and care develops naturally.

All of the activities hosted at La Duna are intended to regenerate energy, renew creativity, and reconnect with life and others, to enhance knowledge of oneself,
 and our connection to the world around us.

La Duna is immersed in an old and wise majestic cacti forest. Multicolored sac…